72 Steps Project

72 Steps

72 STEPS is a collaborative project between three Tokyo-based international artists and creative professionals, photographer Yulia Skogoreva and designer Olga Gerasim and artist Julia Zyubyuairova. Sharing a combined 25 years experience of living in Japan the trio's core artistic practice is rooted in appreciation of Japanese traditions and seasonality.

Nature inspired rituals and customs still keep the strong spirit of the Japanese identity alive.

72 STEPS Project pays homage to the concept of Japan's 72 micro seasons with a series of exhibitions supporting local communities through the prism of visual art and creative expression.
Yulia Skogoreva
Russian-born fine art and documentary photographer Yulia Skogoreva has been based in Tokyo for the past 10 years. Having majored in Japanese Studies at Moscow State University Yulia worked as an interpreter for Japanese butoh dancers. The backstage life of theatre inspired her to start photographing dancers. With her camera, Yulia has been discovering the unique features and unwrapping challenges of contemporary Japanese society through the prism of dance. Yulia is a recipient of multiple international and Japanese photography awards. Her works have been featured in various exhibitions and photography festivals around the world.

Olga Gerasim
Saint-Petersburg native architect and designer Olga Gerasim has been part of multiple international projects that helped her gain recognition in spatial, industrial and interior design fields. Projects include the design of a resort hotel and team and trophy designs for LeMans Championship among others. Having moved to Japan five years ago Olga set on a journey to explore traditional Japanese arts like suiboku-ga, mokuhanga and boro stitching, which she enhances with graphic and spatial design practices. Olga's innovative approach led to numerous creative achievements including a Nishi-Nihon Shinbun award for a suiboku-ga artwork which was exhibited at the National Art Center, Tokyo in 2018.

Yulia Zyubyairova
Artist and doll maker Julia Zyubyairova was born in Ukraine where she got her MA in the Arts and Design. Having been based in Tokyo for the past 8 years Julia immersed herself in the world of traditional Japanese dolls "kimekomi" and have been meticulously studying this precise and unique craft. Julia's hand-crafted dolls have participated in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad and received prizes and special awards, such as Max-Oscar-Arnold Award and DollArt Barcelona. In her creative and design works she attempts to combine artistic imagery with ancient crafts.

Julia Zyubyairova on Behance
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